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Polar RS100 Heart Rate Monitor

Polar Heart Rate Monitor Reviews are a selection of the preferred heart rate Monitors on the market today. Polar has done a superb job capitalizing on the worlds new obsession with portable devices that monitor the beats of our hearts. It was not that long ago that only the most illustrious pro athletes had such invents to watch their rate of heart beats in a workout. However today, modern technology has sophisticated enough with a society that wishes to be healthier and active to form the demand for these Polar pulse rate Monitors.

There are a 2 main items a consumer will want to check when attempting to choose which Polar Monitor to get :

Use : the 1st and basic question is,’What am I going to use this device for?’ If your scheme is to only get heart beats per second info, you will need to go with one of the most simple Polar devices and save yourself a lot of cash on the higher end models because you will never begin to utilize all of their features. If you are a tri athlete in training, you may desire to take a look at a more advanced monitor that’s water evidence, can store the results of your workout routines, and supply GPS capacities. Starting with this single question first, will save you a lot of time and cash down the line.

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Price : Know your purchasing boundaries and combine that limit with what your answers were to the above question and you’ll be capable of finding a Polar Heart Monitor that will suit your requirements. Some of the biggest price differentiators are how much memory or storage the monitor can handle. If you have already identify from the above question that you do not need to store your results of every work out, find the watch with the least amount of memory and you are able to save yourself a bundle and still keep a lot of features.

Polar has a full line of up heart rate devices that range from the very basic to the GPS device with an altimeter and compass. Knowing what you are looking for in your watch is vital to finding your right model and then researching Polar Heart Rate Monitor Reviews of that specific model. Overall, whatever what Polar device you end up with, you’ll be satisfied with their quality product.

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Fitness Program

What is your vision of a fitness program?

I am a coordinator for a university and was just given permission to start my own fitness program. It can be for anyone, students, community, staff. I wanted to know ideas of things people would want in a fitness program. How can I make the best one possible. Any ideas or suggestions are much appreciated.

You’ve got a wide range of ages and types, not to mention whether you want both sexes in your group. What type of program do you want? Since you are the one leading it, where do you want this to go? How physical do you want it to be? What level of intensity do you see this program being? You may need to have two or three programs at different days. Do you want weights or resistance machines, cardio only or a mix of both? What’s your budget? What can you do? How big is your facility?

Check out local exercise programs already in the area, like the local Curves or Jazzercise places. Locate and talk to some independent gym owners. Get ideas and then do an impromptu survey to see what your clientele would like and how much time they have to do it per day. Then, get your results together and do that. You may not be successful right away but you will catch on and go from there.

Also, you may want to check out the U.S. Army and other military branches. Bases have very transient groups but have workout programs for enlisted personnel and their dependents. I understand that over the last few years they have become very user friendly and very duplicatable.

I hope this helps. Good Luck.

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